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Radiation Protection


image Introduction
       School-based units (Division, department) can occur with the use of radioactive substances and radiation equipment, radiation free use of the workplace. And laboratory environment for the maintenance of radiation safety in schools, the former Department of Medicine put Professor Chen Fudu on September 77 in the establishment of the Republic of China, National Yang-Ming University Radiation Protection Committee, to promote the work of radiation protection and solutions related to radiation protection of our missing.
Radiation protection activities in January included 95 years at the University General Environmental Safety Group, 97 August changed the original Environmental Safety Group Environmental Safety Centre. 
Republic of 91 January to 96 January of the original doctors put the department Professor Chen Weili successor, is committed to promoting radiation protection work and with the competent authority (Atomic Energy Council) of the consultations; 96 February doctors put by Professor Wang Xiner assumed so far, Our school is committed to promoting the work of radiation protection, in addition to the school specified in the Radiation Protection Service (need to have radiation protection division of the licenses were), but yet have had a staff (to be a member of the radiation protection certificates), dealing with our radiation protection related businesses.
 image Staff 
Center of Environmental Protection and Safety and Health   TEL: +886-2-2828-0298   FAX: +886-2-2828-0116
  Director Prof Mei-Lien Chen
    Miss Yi-Shuan Lee
    Miss Chien-Yu Huang (Duty angent)