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Empergency Response



image Emergency Respone



This plan is based on Article 13 of the Fire Protection Law and Articles 13 to 16 of the Implementing Rules of the Law, which are necessary for fire prevention management of all institutions to prevent fires, earthquakes and other disasters, and to protect human life and reduce disasters. for purpose.


 Scope of application


All personnel who serve and enter and exit all buildings of this school must abide by it.


 The strain gauge painting

The strain gauges should provide the following strain procedures, including:
1. Prevention of disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes and explosions;
2. Risk assessment of biological hazards;
3. Disposal and decontamination of personnel accidental exposure;
4. Emergency evacuation and evacuation of personnel and laboratory animals;
5. Emergency medical treatment for personnel exposure and injury;
6. Medical surveillance of exposed personnel;
7. Clinical management of exposed personnel;
8. Epidemiological investigations;
9. Recovery after the accident.
When setting up a contingency plan, the following should be considered:
1. Identification of highly harmful pathogenic microorganisms;
2. Locations of highly hazardous areas, such as experimental areas, storage areas and animal houses;
3. Identification of staff and people at risk of infection;
4. Identification of responsible personnel and their responsibilities, such as biosafety officers (or biosafety committee officers or executive secretaries, etc.), security personnel, local health authorities, clinicians, microbiologists, veterinarians, epidemiologists, and firefighting and Police department, etc.;
5. List the facilities that can accommodate the treatment and isolation of exposed or infected persons;
6. the transport of exposed or infected persons;
7. Listing materials such as immune serum, vaccines, medicines, special equipment and supplies;
8. Supply of emergency equipment such as protective clothing, disinfectants, chemical and biological spill treatment kits, decontamination equipment and related supplies.